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Professor Jeffrey Ivan Gordon

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Topic: Intestinal Microflora and Human Health


Nationality: USA

Professor Jeffrey Ivan GordonProfessor Jeffrey Ivan Gordon is a Dr. Robert Glaser Distinguished University Professor, and Director of the Centre of Genome Sciences and Systems Biology at WashingtonUniversity, St Louis, USA.

He was awarded the King Faisal International Prize in Medicine in recognition of his seminal work on defining the microbiomes genomic and metabolic role in human health. Professor Gordon’s pioneering work and interdisciplinary studies of the human microbiome has provided fascinating insights into the metabolic processes and the genetic basis of mutually beneficial relationships between the host and microorganisms in the human gut. His innovative research has provided major breakthroughs into the influence of intestinal microbiota on postnatal development, physiology and illness susceptibility in humans and has thus enhanced our understanding of the pathogenesis of complex diseases such as obesity. His research has opened opportunities for novel gut microbiome directed treatments to improve human health.

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