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Arabic Language Academy of Jordan

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Topic: Efforts of Individuals and Institutions to Arabicize Science and Technology for Transfer: Research and Educational Purposes


Nationality: Jordan

Arabic-Language-Academy-of-JordanThe King Faisal International Prize for Arabic Language and Literature for this year 2017, Topic: (Efforts of individuals and institutions to Arabicize science and technology for transfer, research and educational purposes) been awarded to:
Arabic Language Academy of Jordan
The Committee’s unanimously decided to award this year Prize’s to the Arabic Language Academy of Jordan in recognition of its distinguished efforts in the transfer of science and technology through translation, Arabization of technical terms, and publication of specialized glossaries and its relentless efforts to make Arabic the language of instruction, an objective sought by various scientific
institutions throughout the Arab World
The Academy entrusted the task of translation to highly qualified specialists known for their mastery of both English and Arabic, thus ensuring the highest quality for its project.

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